July 22, 2019
Dr. Michael Civin, Ph.D.

At the heart of Dr. Michael Civin, Ph.D.’s long 30-year career has to be his significant commitment to education, starting with his A.B. Degree he received cum laude from Harvard nearly 50 years ago, in 1968. He went on to earn one Master of Arts degree in 1970 from the University of Oregon and another, in Clinical Psychology from the Gordon F. Derner Institute of Advanced Psychological Studies at Adelphi University in 1986. He stuck with Adelphi and earned his Ph.D. and a medical degree from the Pennsylvania Institute Of Straight Chiropractic in 1988.

Besides being a co-founder of Rose Hill Psychological Services beginning in 2007, where he is a senior psychologist, Dr. Michael Civin, Ph.D. also works out of a private practice that serves patients in Astoria, Manhattan, and Bayville areas of New York. Dr. Civin continues to accept and treat new and long-time patients at all Rose Hill locations in New York and he does so with the greatest of care. Rose Hill was founded to offer affordable high-quality psychological services to underserved populations at affordable prices. Dr. Michael A. Civin Ph.D. and his team are still committed to providing excellent service at relatively low cost.
January 17, 2019
Dr. Michael Civin, Ph.D

Michael Civin, Ph.D. primarily practices as a senior psychologist at Rose Hill Psychological Services in the Bronx area of New York City. Rose Hill is a firm Dr. Civin actually helped to co-found back in 2008. In addition to his work at Rose Hill, Dr. Michael Civin also has operated in private practice since 2007, from various offices in New York City, including Manhattan, Astoria, and Bayville. From his private practice, Michael Civin, Ph.D. works primarily in the field of psychodiagnostics, which happens to be a branch of psychology that evaluates personality and human behavior through extensive testing.

More recently, Dr. Michael Civin, Ph.D can be found practicing as a clinical psychologist, where he continues add to his nearly 30 years' of experience as a doctor. He also works in the fields of adult and adolescent psychology and he also engages in practice supervision and group psychology, as well. Dr. Michael Civin has never stopped pursuing an education in psychology, so he also spends a lot of time in the academic world, teaching and learning. All of it helps in private practice.